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North Carolina Thoroughbred Association 

Who we are

     Established in 1979 by a small but dedicated group of Thoroughbred owners and breeders, the North Carolina Thoroughbred Association is a non-profit, all-volunteer organization governed by an elected board of directors and officers. 


Our mission is to: 

  • Promote the Thoroughbred industry in North Carolina, 

  • Provide educational opportunities to our members in all aspects of the Thoroughbred industry, and 

  • Provide our members with opportunities to develop working relationships and meet as friends and colleagues, thereby encouraging excellence and outstanding achievements. 

Join NCTA!

     Be part of the team, and help us celebrate success, on and off the track. Click here for current NCTA membership information.  And if you have a second-career Thoroughbred, be sure to join The Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program.

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